Watch Me Work It is Andrea Marr’s latest album of raunchy Soul/Blues. Without pretension, Watch Me Work It encompasses the full emotional range of  what it is to be a woman: fearless and unapologetic at times, compassionate at other times, and always spirited.

A mix of covers and originals, the song titles read like a cautionary tale - “Man Trouble”, “Too Hot To Handle”, and “One Sided Love Affair”...

Andrea Marr takes her gospel-influenced vocals from the likes of Etta James. Her emotionally gutsy phrasing is reminiscent of KoKo Taylor. However, Watch Me Work It is distinctly Australian Soul/Blues, and features Lloyd Spiegel on guitar.

Andrea Marr grew up in Sri-Lanka. From childhood, Marr sang gospel in church and was also influenced by her jazz musician father. was. At age 7, she heard Elvis Presley and unknowingly began interpreting jazz standards with blues phrasing.  

“I only realised I was singing ‘blues’ at 16 when someone told me they loved my bluesy feel” Andrea recalls.